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Facilitated by

Ted Fujimoto

These powerful sessions are presonally facilitated by Ted Fujimoto at a location of your choosing. 


Entrepreneur, co-designer and co-founder of what has become the New Tech Network, shares practices of world-class innovation teams. 


"This process has truly changed our view of Leadership. Before going through the training with Ted, we felt completely overwhelmed, unheard and burnt out. This training has given us true direction on what a School Leadership Team should look like.” 
“It has completely changed the dynamics of how our Leadership Team operates.”
“When we returned to school, our School Team noticed a difference in how we behaved. There was a fire in our eyes since we had time to activate our curiosity and participate in some ‘deep’ thinking.” 
"The process pushed my team to do organizational soul searching to find out what is core to our program and to question if our practices, policies, tools and systems set us up to execute our core priorities." 
"It helps you define what you want do and then helps you execute that vision through a framework that places people and relationships at the center.”
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